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Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Secrets of the Amish!

I loved the book Money Secrets of the Amish:  Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing and Saving.  The content is great -- and Lorilee Craker's writing syle is catchy and amusing, as always!

Craker shares a number of Dave-Ramsey-type frugality tips in her book--yet she does it in a humorous, Amish-tinted way.  My husband and I consider ourselves fairly frugal people, yet I found a few tidbits sprinkled throughout Craker's book that were new ideas (or reminders of unused ideas past) to me that I'd like to incorporate.  I found myself inspired to work harder in areas I'm weak in or have become very lax about (--I'm not good at "fixing" things or finding another use for items in order to save money!)  Her research was thourough and her ideas realistic (she realizes that not everyone has the space, time, or talent to grow a large vegetable garden--yet she presents realistic alternatives that are still money-savers!) 

I appreciated the admonishment to train our children to be less concerned about material items, as well.  This is a huge part of frugality and is often difficult in our materialistic society.  Craker's book was a good reminder and inspiration to me in this area!

While her writing is not spilling over with Christian "language" or scripture, Craker's writing is certainly based on Biblical principles of stewardship, contentedness, and sharing. 

I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in getting a better grip on their personal finances or even looking for encouragement in the good work they are doing!  Thanks, Booksneeze, for sending a free copy for me to review!

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