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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fierce Beauty - Fierce Inspiration

A warrior.  That is the theme woven throughout this book.  Rather than a pampered princess, a woman seeking a life after God's heart should be a warrior in the spiritual battle around us.

Kim Meeder shares adventurous stories from her own experiences and the lessons she learns about faith from those experiences.  God uses sea turtles trapped in netting, crumbling ice bergs, and wounded dogs and horses to reveal his truths to Meeder.  Amidst these mini-lessons, Meeder reminds the reader that she must make a choice to live for herself, her desires, her whims OR to live for the King, to serve the King, to fight for the King!

I enjoyed the presentation--adrenaline pumping to very emotionally charged--of the lessons.  And found myself wanting to serve the King with all that I am.  Thanks, WaterbrookMultnomah, for the free copy of this inspiring book that you sent to me for purpose of review!