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Friday, February 10, 2012

Has God Spoken?

To some, perhaps to many, the answer to this title seems obvious.  Whether it's affirmative or negative may vary from person to person, yet many Americans hold an opinion as to whether God has spoken.

Yet, in his book, Has God Spoken?, Hank Hanegraff answers the question, not based upon opinion, but rather based upon fact and logic.  Hanegraff explores evidence based on the Biblical manuscripts, archaeology, prophecy fulfilled, and logical principles of literature, grammar, and more.  

This book is filled with great information and logic--great for a mind that works best with this type of presentation.  While the reading is organized and informative, it's so deep and somewhat overwhelming that it may take the average reader a while to get through the entire book.  (It did for me!) But the prize is worth the effort!  Hanegraff's well written book is convincing and convicting.  I learned much and better understand the history and setting of the Bible, the mindset of the Biblical authors, how nature speaks to truth, and the overall picture presented by the Bible.  

While I didn't agree with every bit of Hanegraff's understanding of historical/literary interpretation, I certainly appreciate the information, facts and logical approach in Hanegraff's book.  After reading this book, I can certainly answer, "Yes, God has spoken!"