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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Billy Graham in Quotes"

Nearly four hundred pages of quotes make for some tough reading!  This was a good book, full of biblical wisdom, but not the sort of book you'd just sit down with for a good read.  Very handy, though, if you're looking for topical information.

I appreciated that each section was labeled with a topic (for example, "Billy Graham on America") and followed by a Bible verse that correlated.  The quotes were inspiring and convicting, as this man of God is full of wisdom from the Word and seems to offer that wisdom well.

This book makes me wonder a bit.  Not so much about Billy Graham (though, I do wonder about how a man who seems so godly and right on with God's word yet can relate to and share with so many presidents and leaders from various political backgrounds...really miraculous!) or his spirituality, but about ours.  I fear we may hold him up on a pedestal and take his word for nearly THE Word!  On several occasions as I read, my stomach churned a bit as I thought about this and cautioned myself to remember that "this is a man...he is not God!"  So while this book of quotes is inspiring and interesting (in small quantities at a time!), it is not God's word and does not even compare!!

Still, one cannot fault Billy Graham for our sometimes-near-idolatry.  He, himself, says:  "Become grounded in the Bible.  As Christians, we have only one authority, one compass:  the Word of God."  Well said, Billy!

Thanks, Booksneeze for sending this complimentary copy for review purposes!