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Monday, September 20, 2010

William F. Buckley, by Jeremy Lott

Very interesting!  Lott follows the life of Buckley from childhood (briefly) through death.    I found the biography interesting and inspiring in some ways.  I didn't know much (any?) about William F. Buckley before reading this book.  I was inspired by his commitment to his faith (although this is a common theme throughout the book, it's not a very prominent theme, in my opinion.) and his beliefs--even in the face of opposition.  While his personal faith is not explored deeply--it is reflected in his willingness to voice truth even when it's not popular. 

I had hoped the book might be more in depth regarding Buckley's personal faith.  However, it focuses much on his political/ social views.  I do believe, however, that these are a reflection of his faith and one's political/social views are very much intertwined with one's faith, generally. 

Overall, I learned a lot about an interesting man and feel more inspired to speak the truth, myself, to those within my influence...even if it's not popular!