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Monday, July 25, 2011

FREE Book!!

If you're a book lover/reader, you'll want to check out this site!  While I've not read any of these books yet, I've heard great reviews about the book Crazy Love by Fancis Chan...can't wait to receive my copy!  Let me know what you think after you receive & read your choice...

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UPDATE:  The free book is no longer available, but the publisher is offering a coupon for a discount (valid through Sept. 30, 2011) on the book Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Kashi Pita crisps are delicious and nutritious! 
Even my picky eater kids liked these! The crackers we received in the mail were gone within 24 hours—the six of us, plus my parents, loved them!! I didn’t have time to make the dip recipe that was included…we just ate them plain or with salsa and they were wonderful.  The pita crisps we ate were the origianl, lightly salty cracker-like crisps--they also come in zesty salsa flavor.  (Looking forward to trying these!!)  I especially love that I’m feeding my family something with nutritional value that they also enjoy! 

Thanks, Kashi, for making such a great product for the complimentary box of delicious, healthy pita snacks you sent for review purposes!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Great Future for "Futurecast"

Futurecast: What Today's Trends Mean for Tomorrow's World by George Barna is informative and interesting.  Barna summarizes data from surveys of Americans regarding various topics.  His compilations provide interesting and important information for Christians, the Church, and anyone concerned about our society and nation.  Impressive (and somewhat discouraging) are the changes Barna notes in attitudes and beliefs among Americans even from just 20 years ago.  I appreciated the reading, even though I found much of it disturbing simply because of the results Barna uncovers.

I especially appreciate Barna's conclusion in each chapter and in the book overall.  While much of the content is discouraging as Barna seems to reveal the disinegration of morality, family, and even the Church as we know it, Barna concludes chapter on a note of hope.  He not only realizes that there is hope, but he encourages the reader to do his part in fulfilling that hope and passing it on.  The final chapter, likewise, is encouraging among the disheartening statistics throughout the book.

This book is excellent reading for any Christian concerned with our nation's future and with the Church's future.  Barna's survey data are eye-opening and action-inspiring!  I highly recommend this book!!

Thanks to Tyndale for providing a complimentary copy to me for purpose of review!

***  UPDATE:  I just reread the final chapter in the book and had to post a bit more...this book is inspiring!  Barna draws the reader to complete loyalty, love, and submission to the Creator-Savior and inspires her to live the life Jesus intends for us!!  WE are the church...the body designed to share God's love and it's not too late to change our future one life at a time!!   I loved this book--and will suggest that every true follower of Jesus read it soon!  :)