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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I've long wanted to see the Holy Land.  I think it would be inspiring and truly awesome (not in the "oh wow, neato!" kind of way, but "awe-filled") to see the places my Hero and Savior once walked. 

I've also, more recently, enjoyed Lynn Austin's books.  Not long ago, I discovered her "Kings" books (that's just what I call them...they have much nicer titles in real life!) and thoroughly enjoyed them! 

Cover Art  (The book is available for purchase HERE, among other places!)

So, when I found the book, "Pilgrimage: My Journey to a Deeper Faith in the Land Where Jesus Walked" by Lynn Austin, I was excited!  And I was not disappointed after reading it!

Austin describes the places and features of the Holy Land with great detail and clarity.  I can see it.  She recalls the history, and includes the scripture references, of these places...who once lived there and why it is significant.  And she reveals its effect on her own life--how her own life was touched by the Savior because of the lessons learned there.  As I read, I often found myself nodding and agreeing that, "yes, I too struggle there" or "I want that in my life, too, Lord!".  Each chapter ends with a heart-felt prayer that was so much my own I know it was God-inspired.  The book helped me know and draw closer to my Jesus. 

I enjoyed the book "Pilgrimage" and would recommend it to anyone in a spiritually dry place or spiritually growing place--you'll be refreshed and encouraged!  Thanks, Bethany House for providing a free copy for my review.

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