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Monday, April 15, 2013

When Zeffie Got a Clue

I enjoy mysteries.  I enjoy the suspense.  I enjoy the problem-solving.  I enjoy the deduction.  I enjoy the break-through when the motive comes together with the clues and the detective gets her criminal!  However, I don't enjoy the bad dreams that inevitably follow for me.  (I'm such a sensitive gal, I suppose!)  So, I was a little leery about reading Peggy Darty's "When Zeffie Got a Clue".  But this mystery was fun and entertaining.  It was not gory and graphic.  The reader was drawn into the mystery and its solution, but Darty keeps the story fairly relaxed and not terribly intense.  

The story line is logical and really not too predictable.  (This is another problem with mystery novels--who wants to know who-done-it before the end of the book?)  Several characters are suspects--and with good reason--yet I couldn't guess the perpetrator & motive for sure until the near end of the book.  (Ok--maybe I'm just not so smart...but in some books, I do figure it out far too soon...)  This made for a great read--enjoyable and captivating!

I appreciated the Christian flavor of the book, as well.  While it's not "preachy", Darty's book sends messages with Biblical basis and she keeps the scenes & conversations "clean".

Overall, it was a great read!  Thanks for the free copy to review, Waterbrook Press!

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