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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bringing Up Girls

I love this book!  Dr. James Dobson has once again written a top-quality parenting book--this time focusing on parenting and shepherding girls in today's society.

Dobson spends some time describing the difficult society and environment today's girls are subjected to.  He examines the hyper-sexualized America that teens and even younger children are exposed to every day--through school, television, and even grocery-store checkout lanes.  He also discusses the trend toward materialism, aggression, and de-feminizing girls today.  His study reveals the impact these factors have on not only our girls, but on our society overall.

But, while the evidence is disturbing, Dobson does not leave the reader in despair...he includes information to help parents help their daughters and other girls within their influence.  He encourages parents by sharing findings that parental influence is so much greater and influential than society's influence.  Dobson gives some practical ideas to help grow our girls into mannered, godly, and virtuous women...including a great story in Chapter 17 about a "dating" charm bracelet one couple gave their daughter on her 16th birthday.  While I'd highly encourage reading the entire chapter (and book) for many more details, the gist of the story was that each charm on the bracelet represented a special gift the girl had to offer.  A pebble was the gift of holding hands with a boy, a pink gem was her first kiss, and so on--right up to a diamond charm for the first time she said "I do".  Each time the daughter did something for the first time with a boy, she had to give him the charm.  The meaning was absorbed by the girl as she exclaimed that the bracelet was a crazy idea--those charms were very valuable and she didn't want to give them away...and her parents explained that she is even more valuable than the gems and they didn't want her to simply give herself away!  I loved this picture!!

I'd very highly recommend this book to anyone interested in helping our society--whether you're a parent of girls or boys or not even a parent at all!  The information and principles conveyed are helpful for all of us!

Thanks, Tyndale House Publishers for sending a free copy of this book for review purposes!

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