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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Captive Heart

I've long been fascinated by the Amish people.  Maybe because in my neck of the woods there are frequently horse-drawn buggies on the roads and bonnet-headed little girls at the country store.  Maybe it's just my love of Laura Ingalls Wilder and stories of days-gone-by.  Or, perhaps, (and probably most likely!) it's my own secret dream of a simpler, quieter life (though I do not think I'd enjoy the very dark nights or cold trips to the outhouse!)
Captive Heart, The, Dale Cramer, 978-0-7642-0839-3 Whatever the cause of my fascination, the book The Captive Heart, by Dale Cramer, intrigued me and even taught me some of the history of these people, the Amish.

The book is the second in a trilogy--which I didn't realize until it came in the mail--and is certainly best read after reading the first.  Cramer follows a group of Amish with a real historical basis from their days of persecution in the 1920s in the U.S. through their flight to Mexico.  I was interested to learn of the religious persecution the peaceful Amish endured in our nation -- and the ends to which they were willing to go to avoid the loss of their children and right to practice their faith.

Cramer bases the novels on actual historical characters and the outline of their lives, but the majority of the story is fictional.  He infuses adventure, love, and faith in this story from his own history (his own ancestors were among those who fled the U.S. in hopes of more religious freedom in Mexico!)

If you enjoy reading books about the Amish or simply enjoy love and adventure stories, this book may be a perfect fit for you!  It may even give you a new perspective on an old culture--the Amish!

Thanks Bethany House for the free copy of this book for purpose of review!!

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