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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great devotional book for teen girls!

Izzy's Pop Star Plan by Alex Marestaing is a great, creative devotional book for girls!  It is written as a daily blog and each day builds on those before it reads a bit like a novel!  I've never seen a devotional book in this format, and it seems that it is a great tool for teen girls. 

The story follows a girl (Izzy) on her journey as a contestant on an international, pop-star singing competition (much like the television show American Idol.)  After each "blog" entry, Izzy (or a commentor) includes a verse related to the content of the blog content for the day.  Usually, a brief prayer is included, as well.  The entries are interesting and cover a number of topics relevant to girls today--such as:  God's unchanging love, sharing Christ's love, doing what's right when it's hard, obeying parents, and so much more.  The story addresses mistakes Izzy makes, dating issues, fame/popularity, and more...all of it pointing to Christ and loving Him and others.

One concern that I do have with the book is that it is perhaps a bit superficial for a girl with a strong relationship with Jesus.  While the book and its content are Bible based and inspiring, I would guess that a strong Christian will need more than just this short daily reading to keep her walk with Jesus strong.  But that doesn't make the book any less interesting or encouraging for a strong Christian girl--she just will likely want to go deeper.  On the other hand, the lack of depth may be just right for a new Christian who is just beginning a daily devotional time or even a non-believer who perhaps has an interest in faith.

All in all, I, as an adult, found the book interesting and believe any 12-16 year old might, too!  Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me a complimentary copy to review!

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